Bella's Essay #1- Elements of FemDom

Why is femdom so erotic?
You’re a hard worker. You take care of yourself, your family, your job, your coworkers. But every so often, you find yourself wishing that someone would take care of YOU. Someone to take the reins for a while, to put you in a state of servitude, where you exist solely for the pleasure of the one putting you there. Wouldn’t it be nice to kneel at the feet of a capable, competent, self-assured woman who knows just what she wants to do with you? Wouldn’t it be lovely to give yourself over to these desires, wishes, thoughts that torment you?
That’s what a Mistress is for. She soothes you in the way you most need it, encourages you to heights of ecstasy and helps you find your way when you’re most lost. And that’s what we’re here for: we can take you to where you need to be…and make sure you never forget why you exist.

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